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Township Websites in Michigan – Opportunities to Improve Local Government Presence

Government website design opportunities in Michigan Government websites don’t have to be dull and they don’t have to be expensive to create and maintain. If you have a chance to visit the websites for Michigan townships, you will find a wide variety of designs, information, and functionality. Many established a website just to have a minimal presence, and they have done little to maintain the site and keep it up-to-date.  Others have robust, graphically-rich websites that are current and informative. One of the challenges to providing a great township website is cost.  Many local governments have felt an economic pinch over the last few years.  Some envision spending tens of thousands of dollars for a new website, so the existing site remains. Another challenge is that some website designers do not have an eye for design.  Their websites are dull, and they lack effective graphic and photographs to engage the public. The Clearzoning approach to website design is to use the graphic and communication skills of professional urban planners that understand local government combined with the imaging skills of professional photographers to create government websites that make a statement.  Because our staff knows the budget challenges facing many local governments, we also know how to create new websites in an affordable way. Contact us to schedule a brainstorming session for your local government... read more