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Casco Township, St. Clair County, Michigan – Website Design & Video Link

Casco Township, St. Clair County, Michigan – Website Design & Video Link

The new website for Casco Township, St. Clair County, Michigan is now live

Casco Township’s new website is live at www.CascoStClair.com. This website has numerous user enhancements to make it easier to navigate and get important information fast.

We have created the first in a series of new videos to explain some of the features of the website design. The following provides an overview of the first video, and a link to the video follows the article.

This is the first in a series of videos on the new Casco Township website. Today we’re going to take a look at the “Get to Know Us” link. This link, which is found at the bottom of the home page, third icon from the left, takes you to the “All About Casco Township” page.

Here we find basic information including the township address, phone number, office hours, and general email address.

We also find a link to the 2015 Casco Township News and Information page, which is a text based PDF file that summarizes activity in the township over the year 2014 and provides information for upcoming events in 2015.

There are four other icons on this page the first links to Township history information. Review this page to find out how Casco got its name, the origins of Casco Township, and important early influences on the development of Casco Township.

The demographics link takes you to the Casco Community Profile. Here we see a link to the SEMCOG community profile page and colorful infographics created by Clearzoning, Inc.

For those looking for a more visual representation of information there are several infographics one covering population, another showing township road improvements, a third with resources and information related to senior population, and an infographic related to public safety.

The third icon maps takes you to a series of 12 maps of Casco Township ranging from zoning to soils.

The final tab – photographs – shows a series of photographs taken around the township. This page will be expanded throughout the year to include photographs taken during different seasons.

Be sure to check back for more information on videos on Casco Township’s new website www.CascoStClair.com or checking out our video postings on YouTube.

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