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Service Profile – Website Design and Development for Local Governments

Service Profile – Website Design and Development for Local Governments

Website Design That Makes Sense

Clearzoning takes a fresh look at city, village, and township websites by incorporating the expertise of city planners and experts in municipal government in to the design framework.  Government transparency, efficient delivery of services, and excellent customer service are key objectives for local governments that can be achieved with a quality website.

Clearzoning combines expertise in planning, graphic design, and website design to portray important information in a way that is clear to the end users.  We use icons, photos and infographics to make website use and navigation easy.

In April 2015, Clearzoning replaced an outdated, tired-looking website for Casco Township in St. Clair County, Michigan with a new website that features better organization and engaging design.  The new website  includes the following:

  • User-friendly design
  • Infographics that convey useful information
  • Professional photography
  • Numerous color maps of important information
  • An attractive, easy-to-use calendar of events
  • Links to important forms and data
  • An updated township history

This website was created by Clearzoning staff in less than 30 days. Casco Township Clerk Pat Allagreen led the effort on behalf of the township, staying in constant contact with Clearzoning staff.  This included in person meetings, online Go-to-Meetings, and phone calls.  This is reflective of the customer service that Clearzoning has provided to local government for over 25 years.

The new website can be found at www.cascostclair.com.


Website Design Service Profile - Local Government