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Social Media

Township, City & Village – Municipal Social Media Consulting

Social media tools are transforming the way people communicate.  Knowing the right way to approach, utilize, and manage social media can improve the way local governments deliver information and receive feedback. At Clearzoning, we understand that local governments have a variety of communication needs including:

  • Advising the community of construction, road hazards, or utility emergencies
  • Preparing for and advising on weather-related events
  • Sharing dates, times, and locations of public meetings, activities, and events
  • Inviting comments on conceptual projects, planning activities, and opportunities for improvement
  • Encouraging dialog and collaboration between local government, businesses, and residents
  • Recognizing accomplishments of community members

Social media can also drive traffic to your website. Many people that live in the community may use Twitter, Facebook or other social media, but they are not aware of your website.  A social media post from the local government that is shared or favorited by a friend, may lead a new user to your site.

Social media also provides an opportunity to share success stories. It can turn around a negative issue that may have received some local press.

Often, local governments struggle to identify which social media channels to utilize. Our team believes there is no one single solution to using social media.  We will work with you to identify the best approaches for your community’s needs and help your local government best manage those tools to ensure safe, efficient, and transparent communication.

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