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Website Design

City, Village & Township Website Design

Clearzoning, Inc. (CZ) provides affordable website design development services for local governments. Examples include city websites, township websites, and village websites.   Our staff understands local governments and we have a track record of helping cities, villages, and townships communicate and engage with the public. We specialize in small to medium size communities looking for a professional, easy-to-use website and a straight-forward content management strategy.

Clearzoning, Inc. has been creating new websites and web pages for planning-related projects for many years. During this time, our staff has observed that many small cities, townships, and villages may have a web presence, but many of their websites are not visually appealing and are not kept up-to-date.

Clearzoning now uses its expertise in design and information services to take local government websites to a new level. The following describes our basic web site development service:

  • Develop main sub-headings for website menu bar in consultation with client.  Provide a draft site map and develop a strategy to build a website that meets the unique needs of your community.
  • Provide draft to municipality for review. Make one set of revisions, if necessary.
  • Upload and launch new website. Municipality to provide domain information and password or a new domain will be created.
  • Train municipal staff on how to update website and keep calendar current
  • Submit website to major search engines.
  • Provide free emails for municipal officials and staff using the username@domain convention.
  • Provide toll-free support 866-271-9663

As part of the website design, we include:

  • Links to important information
  • Professional photographs (Professional photographers on staff – included for clients within 60 miles)
  • Techniques to keep the site current
  • Strategies to share mapped data (GIS specialists on staff)
  • Training for government staff on how to upload new data

In addition to the above, CZ will maintain the website on a hosting site and provide phone assistance to local officials regarding keeping the site up to date. Additionally, our monthly maintenance agreement can include CZ staff writing a monthly blog post for the News tab on the web site. Our staff will interview the one or two local officials or staff by phone once per month to determine latest news and then write a short news update (approximately 400 words) so the website is always is current with the latest information. This can be adjusted to be more or less frequent, depending upon the community’s needs.
Please contact Rod Arroyo at Clearzoning, Inc. for a quote.  Visit www.NewGovernmentWebsite.com for more information.
Also, check out our Frequently asked questions about Clearzoning website design services.